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"Amazing! The FX-Agency Advisor v3.0 Is Packed With The Features To Make You Profits In 2024"

Looking for a forex trading system that really delivers results?… Look no further than the FX-Agency Advisor 3, developed by the worldclass traders. With thousands of copies sold worldwide, this system is a proven “super hit” that consistently generates profits for traders of all levels.

But what makes us different from other forex services and companies? Simple: our commitment to quality, professionalism, and excellence. From our friendly and hardworking team to our world-class programmers, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best trading systems on the market.

Our team members are not only experienced traders themselves, but they’ve also won trading contests with their exceptional skills. And our programmers are some of the best in the world, with skills that rival even those at tech giants like Microsoft and Google. The result? A Metatrader 4 forex system that’s designed with the utmost precision and care, providing you with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

But don’t just take our word for it – our reputation speaks for itself. Our clients consistently give us top-notch feedback and reviews, and we’re committed to maintaining that level of excellence. So why wait? Try the FX-Agency Advisor 3 today and experience the difference for yourself.

About The FX-Agency Advisor 3

Our system is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you, including complex calculations and momentum analysis on multiple time frames.

In fact, our current version is even more powerful than the previous one, allowing you to specify up to four time frames to monitor and analyze. This means you get double the power and accuracy compared to our earlier editions.

But that’s not all. We’ve also added several built-in algorithms that provide even more precise entry signals, all accessible through our MTF (Multi-Time Frame) feature. With MTF, you can customize which four time frames you want the Advisor 3 to monitor and signal you with, giving you complete control over your trades.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, the FX-Agency Advisor 3 is the perfect tool to take your trading to the next level. So why wait? Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

The picture you see below is what will be shown on your screen when you load the included template. Look at the top left of the chart, where you see the black panel with rows of information. That is the section you have to watch closely. You can click the entire panel and drag it anywhere around the chart, simply by moving the mouse.

Your Screen

An Example Of A Sell Trade

Using The FX-Agency Advisor 3 is very easy. Since all the calculations and analyzing is done for you by the program, all you need to do is place the trade at the correct time. When price hits the Get Ready Level, you will see a Red Arrow. At that point you have to enter the trade but only when price truly touches the Sell Level and not before and not after. This same concept goes for a Buy trade. You will see a Green Arrow and you must enter when price hits the Buy Level only after it has hit the Get Ready Level.

When NOT To Trade

An important word of advice. You are NOT to blindly enter the trade just because the price has hit the sell level because it could have been an old signal, or it could have hit the level from the bottom, which means it’s not worth trading. Although people do enter a few candles after, this is not recommended and it is best to trade a “fresh” signal.

When TO Trade

The picture above, shows a perfect opportunity. A fresh red arrow has formed and price has hit the “Sell Level“. At this point you should have SOLD. It is very simple to tell if a arrow is fresh. The arrow must be right underneath the current candle being formed. As you can see in this chart, it displays exactly that.

An Example Of A Live Sell Trade

A perfect sell trade. This picture above shows a live actual trade that had already been taken and was still progressing. At the time it was taken, the profits were at +98 pips from the entry.

An Example Of A Live Buy Trade

More Tradable And Non-Tradable Factors

When NOT To Trade

When TO Trade

Where To Place The Stop-Loss

Knowing where to place your Stop-Loss is simple. For a Sell trade, if you went short at the Sell Line, your Stop-Loss would be at the Get Ready line above. For a Buy trade, if you went long at the Buy Line, your Stop-Loss would be at the Get Ready line below.

Where To Take Profits

The FX-Agency Advisor 3 comes with multiple Take Profit Points as well as mid points. The dotted lines are the mid points and can also be used to take your profits. You can enable and disable these lines at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES ABSOLUTELY, in fact the Advisor 3 has built in tools to help you trade with the maximum success when scalping. It has an integrated Trend Filtration system, which will enable the software to only display signals that are confirmed by the higher time frames.

All time frames are profitable. Higher time frames will give you higher profits and lower time frames will give you lower profits but ALL time frames can be used with this system.

Yes you can however, the first priority should be the FX-Agency Advisor 3.

All currency pairs are equally good however it is recommended to use the main currency pairs since the spread is typically lower which will enable you to make more profit easier.

Yes. You will be notified when updates are released and they will be provided to you FREE!

It is VERY easy. It will instantly install on your Metatrader platform in a single click. We’ll provide you with the installer. We can also send the individual files should you request it.

Yes, we can remote to your PC and install it for you. It is actually extremely easy to install and normally this is not neccessary.


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James Dolling USA

I've been using FX-Agency Advisor 3 for scalping for several months now and I am thrilled with the results. The accuracy of the signals and the ease of use of the software make it a must-have tool for any scalper.

Jordan Frankland U.K

Been trading Forex for years, and I've tried countless indicators and trading tools. However, none of them come close to FX-Agency Advisor 3. This software is incredibly accurate and helps me make 70 pips daily average.

Emilio Prieto AUSTRALIA

This powerful trading indicator has enabled me to swing trade like a pro and has outperformed any robot I've used before. Its accurate signals have allowed me to succeed! VERY RECOMMENDED!



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With the combination of the FX-Agency Advisor 3 and the Bonus indicator included, you will have a very powerful and accurate trading system in your hands. If you use it properly and correctly, the results you see will be EXCELLENT.

You can use this system on Binaries, Stocks, Futures, Metals and others. Any type of trader that uses a candlestick chart can benefit from our trading systems. We have ensured that they work with all types of symbols and pairs.

All updates will be provided to you totally FREE.

Do not wait any longer. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!


Thomas R. Whitaker

Head Director & Developer


P.S. With its user-friendly interface and customization settings, FX-Agency Advisor 3 is a powerful tool for both novice and experienced traders looking to maximize their profits in the forex market. There’s no use waiting. Grab your copy NOW!

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