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Trading Videos

Here, you’ll discover a compilation of helpful videos shared by some of our traders especially Roberto Rivera. These videos are filled with useful tips and strategies that can enhance your trading skills and performance in the markets.

1. Learn Advanced Trading Tricks Gain insights from seasoned traders who share their advanced trading strategies. They’ll demonstrate how they analyze the markets, identify favorable trading opportunities, and execute trades intelligently. Whether you’re new to trading or already have some experience, there’s valuable knowledge here for everyone.

2. Master Technical Analysis Explore tutorials that simplify technical analysis concepts. You’ll see how traders utilize charts, patterns, and indicators to interpret market dynamics. These videos will teach you how to recognize trends, identify support and resistance levels, and more.

3. Ensure Capital Protection Learn about effective risk management techniques to safeguard your trading capital. Our traders share their methods for implementing stop-loss orders, managing trade sizes, and adhering to trading plans. With sound risk management practices, you can mitigate losses and preserve your capital.

4. Cultivate the Right Mindset Discover the psychological aspect of trading and strategies for maintaining composure and focus. Traders discuss strategies for managing emotions such as fear and greed, and maintaining clarity during challenging market conditions. Developing the appropriate mindset is crucial for success in trading.

5. Watch Live Trades Observe traders in real-time as they execute live trades. You’ll witness their market analysis process, identification of trading opportunities, and execution of trades as they unfold. This firsthand view offers valuable insights into how experienced traders operate.

Take some time to explore these videos and glean wisdom from our trading community. You may discover new techniques that can elevate your trading proficiency!

FX-Agency Advisor 3 Tutorial

FX-Agency Advisor 3 Tutorial Two

Trade Setup

Price Action/FX-Agency Advisor 3

FX-Agency Advisor 3 Alerts (H4 and D1)

FX-Agency Advisor Live Trades

FX-Agency Advisor & Wizard

FX-Agency Advisor 3 Review

FX-Agency Advisor Correlation

FX-Agency Advisor NON-FARM Payroll