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The FX-Agency Advisor 2 is a specialized semi-automated system that provides signals based on its analysis, which surpasses the profit consistency offered by EA’s over the long term. Seasoned forex traders rely on manual trading systems and strategies, and the FX-Agency Advisor 2 is no ordinary forex system. It eliminates the need for tedious tasks like chart analysis, trend detection, stop-loss determination, and time frame switching, providing precise information on when to enter and exit trades. It also offers two entries, a “Buy At” and “Sell At,” enabling traders to profit in both bullish and bearish market conditions.

The system’s recommendation signal provides an additional advantage, ensuring traders only enter trades in line with market trends and momentum, increasing the likelihood of success by up to 85%. For those trading on higher time frames, trading against the trend is possible, while the FX-Agency Recommends tool is ideal for those trading on smaller time frames.

The picture you see below is what will be shown on your screen when you load the included template. Look at the top left of the chart, where you see the black panel with rows of information. That is the section you have to watch closely. You can click the entire panel and drag it anywhere around the chart, simply by moving the mouse.

Main Chart

The FX-Agency Advisor 2 is a highly regarded Forex Buy/Sell system with a global reputation for delivering exceptional results to traders worldwide. It stands out from other trading systems, such as those found on Mt4, E-Signal, Tradestation, and TradingView due to its unique and diversified features. Even those unfamiliar with forex trading are drawn to this system due to its unmatched capabilities, leading to full-time professional traders and increased profitability.

Audio Alerts

“To optimize profits, many successful traders prefer using manual trading systems and strategies. The FX-Agency Advisor 2 is a unique system that caters to this preference by offering two signals, “Buy At” and “Sell At,” instead of a single signal to enter trades. In addition, the FX-Agency Advisor 2 includes a recommendation signal that suggests trades based on current market trends and price action, providing winning odds of up to 85%.

The system boasts an array of features such as audio alerts, the ability to trade on multiple platforms, a multi-currency dashboard, and trend/momentum filters based on price action. By trading in the direction of market trends and momentum, traders can significantly increase their chances of success, and the FX-Agency Advisor 2 provides the necessary tools to do just that.”

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The Multi Currency Dashboard

Multiple Filters

An advanced feature of the FX-Agency Advisor 2 is the ability to monitor and receive signals for ALL currency pairs simultaneously on a single chart. As shown in the image below, this feature is unique and sets the software apart from other Forex trading platforms available, such as Metatrader. With this feature, traders can select and execute as many signals as they desire in real-time. For instance, the H1 chart displays buying and selling opportunities for currency pairs such as AUDJPY, EUR/GBP, EURJPY, GBP/JPY, and commodities such as GOLD and SILVER, and indices such as NASDAQ and S&P 500.

It is noteworthy that the FX-Agency Advisor 2 offers the flexibility to select a preferred time frame, including the option to trade on the M1 chart. Moving on to the M30 chart displayed below, you can observe an additional seven trading signals presented on the FX-Agency Advisor 2 panel. These signals are prime opportunities to enter trades and generate substantial profits.

As mentioned previously, the FX-Agency Advisor 2 incorporates a powerful “trend” filter signal to increase the likelihood of success. Please refer to the image below where the “FX-Agency Recommends” tool is located. This tool is particularly useful when scalping on lower time frames, such as H1 and below.

On the chart below, you will notice an EURUSD signal advising to “WAIT! Get Ready To Buy At 1.3111 Or Sell At 1.3090”. This indicates that when the market reaches these specific price levels, it will break out, resulting in a profitable trade. To minimize risk, it is crucial to execute trades in the same direction as the overall momentum, price action, and trend of the current forex market conditions, and this is where the FAC Recommendation comes into play.

Below the “FX-Agency Recommends” control panel, the EURUSD is highlighted in red, indicating that it is a “SELL only” trade. For trades displaying a “WAIT” message, such as the GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY in gray, one must wait for momentum to confirm the direction and it should display a “Trade Sells only” or “Trade Buys only” message on the screen. As evident from these executed trades, they were profitable and of excellent quality.

The FX-Agency Advisor 2 includes a highly sought-after feature among Metatrader forex systems and signals, namely the “audio alert popup.” Once a trade is triggered, the system emits a distinct sound alert, enabling traders to engage in other activities such as browsing, chatting, and emailing while still entering trades at the appropriate times. This feature can even wake up traders who may have inadvertently fallen asleep while trading.

As shown in the image below, the alert specifies the currency pair, direction, entry price, stop-loss price, and P/L of the trade, which is displayed in pips. The system provides two types of trades, namely “BUY-T” and “SELL-T,” with P/L information accessible even if a trade is missed. Overall, this feature is highly advantageous.

The FX-Agency Advisor 2 offers traders the ability to easily identify take profit points using two effective methods. The first method involves setting a specific target while the second method involves moving the Stop Loss (SL) after a certain number of pips. Further information on taking profits is available in the instruction manual that accompanies the purchase of The FX-Agency Advisor 2. In addition, traders receive an additional separate indicator with their purchase that shows “key price level horizontal lines,” which are commonly referred to as “Support and Resistance” or “Supply and Demand” levels. This method of taking profits is widely used by successful traders and is incorporated into the indicator’s multi-time frame built-in feature.

Users can adjust the time frame displayed by changing the settings in the indicator. The tool’s ability to display support and resistance levels on all time frames and its clean, uncluttered appearance make it an invaluable asset to traders seeking an effective and user-friendly trading system.

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