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Troubleshooting Guide for MetaTrader Indicators Installation

At FXA Systems, we understand that seamless installation is crucial for effective trading. To assist you with common installation issues for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 indicators, we’ve compiled a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. This guide addresses several typical challenges and provides step-by-step solutions to ensure a smooth setup process.

1. Security Software Interference

Issue: Installation Blocked by Windows Defender
Symptoms: You receive a message stating, “Windows protected your PC. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.”
Solution: Click Run Anyway. This message appears because Windows does not recognize the app. Our files are secure and have been thoroughly checked for safety.

Issue: Anti-Virus Deletes Necessary Files
Symptoms: Anti-virus software automatically deletes DLL files needed for indicator operation.
Solution: Add an exception for FXA2.DLL and/or FXA3.DLL in your anti-virus software. If you need assistance, please contact our support team.

2. Manual Installation Method


  • For users preferring manual installation, copy the EX4 or EX5 files into the ‘Indicators’ folder and DLL files into the ‘Libraries’ folder within your MetaTrader directory.

3. Connectivity and Access Issues

Issue: Connectivity Problems
Symptoms: Error message “Unable to connect due to a connectivity issue.”
Causes and Solutions:

  • Internet Provider Restrictions: Contact your ISP if they are blocking connections to our servers.
  • VPN Use: Ensure your VPN does not use IPs banned by web servers.
  • Unstable Internet Connection: Check your internet stability or try a different network.

Issue: Licensing Limitations
Symptoms: Error message “Unable to start due to the maximum amount of PCs used.”
Solution: If you need to use the software on additional PCs for personal use, contact us to extend your product key.

4. Additional Installation Issues

Issue: Incomplete Installation Files
Symptoms: Installation fails or indicators do not function as expected.
Solution: Re-download the installation files from our website to ensure they are complete and uncorrupted.

Issue: Compatibility Issues
Symptoms: Indicators fail to load or cause errors within MetaTrader.
Solution: Ensure that your MetaTrader platform is updated to the latest version. Compatibility issues can arise from using outdated versions of MetaTrader with new indicators.

5. General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Run the installer as an administrator to prevent rights issues during the installation of indicators.
  • Check MetaTrader’s Expert and Journal tabs for specific error messages that can provide more insight into what might be going wrong.
  • Ensure that there are no conflicts with other installed indicators or scripts. Conflicts can sometimes cause one or more indicators to fail to load properly.

Need Further Assistance?

If you encounter any issues not covered in this guide or require additional support, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. We aim to ensure that your experience with FXA Systems is hassle-free and successful.

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Please reach out through our “Contact Us” section for personalized assistance. Our experts are here to help with any technical challenges you may encounter.