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Meet the Developers: Behind the Indicators

Our team

Welcome to FXA Systems! We are a group of passionate professionals committed to enhancing your Forex trading experience. Our team includes talented developers who design our tools, strategic thinkers who ensure our products meet your needs, and dedicated support staff who help you navigate any challenges.

Each of us here at FXA Systems shares a common goal: to simplify your trading process and help you succeed. We take great pride in our work, crafting user-friendly and effective tools that stand out for their quality and reliability. On this page, you can get to know the people behind our innovative solutions. They are the backbone of our success, and they’re here to support your trading journey every step of the way.

Satyajit Roy

Head Of Development

Oversees all aspects of indicator development, ensuring innovative and effective tools that meet Forex traders’ needs.

Dale Tillman

Chief Technical Architect

Manages technical architecture, focusing on robust, scalable systems that support advanced trading algorithms.

Liam Nguyen

Product Strategy Manager

Directs product development strategies to ensure market-responsive indicators that fulfill trader demands effectively.

Ethan Li

User Experience (UX) Designer

Designs user interfaces that are intuitive and efficient, enhancing interaction with trading platforms.

Robert Garrett

Quality Assurance Manager

Ensures all trading indicators undergo strict quality checks, maintaining high standards and reliability.

Gary Sotiropoulos

Customer Success Manager

Supports clients to maximize benefits from the products through comprehensive training and support.

Michael Rocha

Digital Marketing Specialist

Implements online marketing strategies to boost visibility and engagement within the Forex community.

Mukesh Patel

Customer Success Manager

Manages product compliance with international trading laws and regulations, which is essential for market trust.

Bertram Clausen

Sales Manager

Drives sales and manages customer relationships, focusing on the commercial success of the indicators.

Asger Johansen

Technical Support Lead

Leads technical support, providing timely solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and product experience.

Ellis Walton

Trading Consultant

Offers insights on market trends and trading strategies, helping to enhance the effectiveness of trading tools.

Henry Michaels

Content Development Manager

Creates educational and promotional content that assists users in understanding and utilizing indicators effectively.

James David-Frank

Software Developer

Develops and maintains software solutions, ensuring that trading indicators function seamlessly.

Richard McDonald

Customer Service Representative

Handles customer inquiries and provides timely support, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Franchesco Mchongi

Financial Market Analyst

Analyzes market conditions and feedback, informing the development of new features and product improvements.

Irfan Aziz

Data Integration Specialist

Manages the integration of complex market data into our systems, ensuring accurate information fuels our trading indicators.